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High School Horror (Haisukūru· horā)

on Sat 24 May 2014, 5:35 am
[Started - Still Accepting]

Asuka lifted her head from her pillow as she shut off her alarm. Rubbing her eyes, she yawned. It was early morning. School began in an hour. It had only been a month into the new school year and already half of her classmates had "left" without a word. Pulling her blanket off, she hopped out of bed and headed for the bathroom to get ready for her day.

Rikku was already up and waiting for school to start. No one had arrived from the dorms yet that she could see. She stood in front of the lockers, holding an envelope in her hands. Contemplating. She wasn't sure if she should give this note to them. It isn't like they would know who sent it anyway. But, still, it was the fact that she was about to confess her love. This was her fourth year at this school. She only had to make it through this year and she'd be rid of this horrid place. Her connection with the teacher, well her father's connection, almost guaranteeing her safety. She got off easy compared to the other students. She looked up at the locker. Iruka. Blushing, she clenched the note. He was younger than her, but for a vampire it didn't matter. They aged slower. He was only fourteen, but he looked to be in his twenties. Alexander was the same way. He was several hundred and barely looked a day over twenty-five. She was forbidden to have relationships with the immortals. So, that's why she was confessing her love this way. He would never find out and she would be able to tell him her feelings. Though what she didn't think about, was her scent. She swallowed nervously and opened his locker, placing the letter inside. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. No going back now. She heard the entrance door open. Startled, she panicked and ran out into the hallway to avoid being seen. Who else could be here this early? When she was far enough away, she stopped and sighed.

"Here early as usual Rikku." Rikku looked up to see her teacher exiting the library. "Good morning Alex." She smiled kindly. Actually, she was the only one allowed to call him "Alex". Everyone else had to call him Sensei. "Why were you in such a rush?" He asked suddenly as he stopped a few steps from her. She blinked, what excuse could she give. With a smile, she said, "I was just running late for my studies this morning is all. My mother says that it's my duty to learn something new everyday and that I must start first thing in the morning." You see, Rikku was royalty. A princess sent to this school to become a better leader. Only Alexander and the principal knew that for her protection. Even the students might take advantage of that information. Alex gave her a curious look. "I see. Well then, I'll leave you to your studies m'lady." Rikku giggled as she watched him leave. She had known Alex since she was born. Her father is his best friend and Alex had always been loyal to her family, protected them from harm. She turned and walked into the library as her smile faded. No one really talked to her because she was "favored" by the teacher and principal and didn't have to go through everything they did. They pretend she isn't even there. She didn't ask for it. Her father's influence didn't guarantee her protection, but it helped. She walked over to the shelves and grabbed a book. She thought of Iruka. How she knew so little about him. His father was a detective. She knew a few of his likes and dislikes, but other than that, she hadn't spoke to him to find out more. She wondered what he would think of her...and of her letter...


I really like you. I was too afraid to speak to you in person about this and I don't plan to sign this, but I had to confess my feelings. I know it's silly. We've hardly even spoken to each other. This is probably really strange to you. Even if you figure out who wrote this, I would rather not know because I don't think you have any feelings for me and I would rather not know. I can only admire from afar. My parents would kill me if they found out I've fallen for a vampire. It's a long story that I would rather not explain. I don't even know if I'll have the courage to give you this letter. But if I do manage to build up my courage, maybe it'll at least make you smile because I probably sound pretty silly to you. Anyways, this is my last year and I wanted to confess to you before I missed my chance.
Her letter smelled just like her perfume. A unique scent that a vampire could easily figure out.

Haruhi was downstairs watching television in the dorm. The girls and guys each had their own side, the living area being the only thing that connected the two. The men knew better than to mess with her. She glanced up at the clock. six thirty. Letting out a sigh, she shut off the television and tossed the remote onto the table. "Morning Haruhi-chan." She looked over her shoulder to see Asuka coming down the stairs. "Mornin'. Getting ready to head out?" Asuka nodded in response as she put her jacket on. "It's a bit windy today. I wonder if it's going to rain?" She asked as she looked out the window at the cloudy sky. Haruhi shrugged and stood, stretching her arms above her head. "Who knows. Probably should take an umbrella just in case though." Asuka nodded and smiled. "Yeah. Wanna walked to school together?" Haruhi shook her head and waved her off. "Nah, you go on ahead. I'll catch up after I eat." Asuka waved with a nod and headed out the front door and off to school. Haruhi sighed, rubbing her head as she headed for the kitchen. "Jeez, why can't the school day start a little later? I hate waking up this early." This was one of the few mornings she was "awake". Normally she was to the point that it could be considered sleepwalking. It typically lasted til about ten or so. If people were too loud though, she could be a real bitch. She opened the fridge and grabbed and apple, then headed out the front door, ignoring anyone if they tried to speak to her.

Souske sat on the rooftop. He was in no rush to head off to school. Taking a puff from his cigarette, he watched as Asuka left, then Haruhi shortly after. He sighed and layed down, looking up at the gloomy sky. The cool air felt nice. But the rain made him feel sleepy. One of the side-effects of being half cat. He had a sixth sense when it came to the weather.  He hated the rain. He didn't have an umbrella. Maybe he should just take a sick day. Then again, sensei would just drag him to class. "Damn." He sat back up, his tail wagging in frustration. He rubbed his head with an annoyed groan. Guess he'd just hang around school til the rain stopped, even if it took all night. He stood up with a long stretch and yawn. Tossing his cigarette, he slipped his hands into his pockets and jumped down off the roof, landing on his feet with ease. He turned his head when he smelled Aoi who must've just walked outside before he jumped down. "Hey." Though Souske was a loner, he still acknowledged others and had conversations from time to time. He wasn't really the social type though, so he kept the conversations short and to the point. She was another neko, like himself. The only two in the school. He typically talked to her more than the others. She was a sweet girl, and he kind of liked her a little bit compared to everybody else at this school.

Daisuke yawned, covering his mouth as he walked out of his room. He headed downstairs and walked into the living room. It was empty at the moment. He was still tired. Laying down on the couch, he closed his eyes. He usually showed up late to school. Alexander was used to it and gave up dragging him there. To him, school was just a joke. He was here to investigate the disappearances. That and he was a vampire hunter. His job was to eliminate them without being noticed. Why? His father ordered him to. It was his job. He just hadn't figured out how yet. No one knew about it though. Other than knowing he was the heir to the werewolf clan and a bit of a dunce, coward and a slacker, which is what he led everyone to believe, he didn't really socialize his personal life. If anyone ever saw his true personality, it would blow his cover. He closed his eyes, thinking about how he should go about things once again. He didn't sleep well because of it. He was a trained killer who acted like he sucked in battle and he sure played the role well. His father was getting impatient. He made that known last time they spoke. Sighing, he slowly began to drift off to sleep.

Miyuki walked into the library and smiled at her sister who seemed to be in a daze. "Hey, bookworm!" Rikku jumped, dropped her book and whipped around to see her twin. They were verternal and didn't really look alike. Her sister got the same special treatment, but she was more well liked by everyone. Miyuki was always more socially accepted. Rikku however was the exact opposite. She was kind, sweet, gentle, shy, maybe a bit too shy and much too nice for her own good. A pushover. But, she was brilliant. Miyuki was rambunctious, wild, risk-taking, daring and never took no for an answer. She typically didn't do well in school but she was a much better fighter than Rikku was. Rikku was more of the strategist while Miyuki was the executor. "Good morning sister," Rikku said and bent over to pick up her book. Miyuki laughed. "Wow, you were really lost in thought. What were you thinking about?" Rikku's cheeks reddened as she stood up. "N-nothing..." Miyuki smirked at her sister's response. "Oh? Nothing? I think you were thinking of something. Or, should I say, someone?" She winked. Rikku's entire face turned red. "I, I don't know what you're talking about!" She quickly turned her back to her sister in embarrassment. Was she really that easy to read? Miyuki ran over to her sister. "Oh my god, who is he!? Come on sis! Details girl!" Rikku shook her head vigorously. "Come on, tell me!" Miyuki moved in front of her twin and gave her puppy dog eyes. "M-Miyuki...he doesn't even know I exist so it doesn't matter...besides, father would be furious if he knew..." Miyuki place her hands on her hips, her puppy expression became a stern look. "So what? Like he would find out. Sis, you only have one year left and you might as well have some fun with a cute guy before he makes you marry some random prick that you have to listen to and wait on hand and food like a 'good little wife'." Rikku looked down at her feet. She had forgotten about her arranged marriage. She hadn't even met the guy and had no idea what he was like. And the thought of a vampire being her boyfriend...her lover. She shook the thought away. "Miyuki, it just isn't possible. I can't even confess to him face-to-face. Besides, Iruka probably wouldn't take a second glance at me..." She gasped, quickly covering her mouth. Miyuki's face twisted into a mischievous smile. "Well, well, well. Iruka? So, my sister has a vampire fantasy? Who would've guessed that little innocent Rikku had a crush on such a sexy guy? My little sister has some good taste in men. Well, I'll just have to go find out how he feels. I'll let you know how it goes!" She turned and skipped happily out of the library. Rikku turned in shock and disbelief as she watched her sister leave. The color drained from her face. "But I--!" It was too late. Her sister was gone. She slumped against the bookshelf and slid to the floor, her legs giving out from the shock. Covering her face embarrassed, she thought about what her sister was going to do and was going to blow her cheesy letter cover. Miyuki could be a bit...pushy with people to get answers out of people. Some may even say a bit to excessive even.
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