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Trying Something New Empty Trying Something New

on Mon 22 Sep 2014, 9:03 pm
This is a yaoi based challenge so if you don't want to join it, that's fine. Free for anyone, including admins. Only one character per person. Limited to 3 people that can join.

Izaya, 17
Trying Something New Anime_guy_12

The two walked through the city. The streets were quiet. It was late. The two students take a night course at the local university together and always walked the same path. They never talked. Izaya preferred the quiet walks, even if they walked next to each other and never once spoken. Hell, he didn't even know the guys name. He adjusted his glasses as they both turned down the next street. It was funny. They had lived only a few houses from one another since they were kids. But, they had different interests so they never found a reason to hang out. Izaya preferred not to have friends and basically lived on his own. His mother had left with another man when he was fifteen and had been gone for about two years now. Not so much as a simple phone call. Typical. It wasn't the first time and eventually she'd come crawling back asking him for money like usual when things blew up in her face. He stopped when he reached his place and watched as the boy continued towards his place. "Hey...," he said and waited for the kid to turn around. "...You wanna hang out at my place for a bit?" The question was out of the blue. The first time they had spoke and he was inviting a complete stranger to spend time with him. Maybe being alone for so long finally got to him? Though, he wouldn't blame the kid if he didn't want to hang out, but it was worth a shot.
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