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Crescent Island (Kuresento shima) Empty Crescent Island (Kuresento shima)

on Fri 31 Jan 2014, 6:49 am
Kaede walked down the narrow path, heading to the first town on her journey. She wanted to become a coordinator, but was also interested in collecting badges. There was a gym in Avery city as well as a pokemon contest. She figured she would do the contest first with her trusty side-kick, Vulpix. Then they would rest for a day, head to the gym and make plans from there. She looked down at her pokemon who walked by her side. He was a sweet little thing who walked with a proud strut. They would reach the city soon. After three days of traveling from her home in Forai, she was ready to start her experience as a trainer.

Kaede stopped at the entrance of town. She took a moment to take in the large city. Her home was way out in the outskirts. This was the closest city to it. She snapped out of her awe when Vulpix ran ahead of her. "Hey! Vulpix, wait!" She called, chasing after him. Vulpix ran up to a bag sitting on the ground, the boy wasn't paying any attention. He began to sniff, smelling something inside that made his mouth water. Kaede soon caught up, out of breath. "Vulpix, that isn't yours. Leave it alone."

Akio sat up against a tree watching his Snivey run around playing. It seemed like he was enjoying himself. Akio yawned, about ready to take a nap. He was about an hour out of his hometown of Marcule. He had just gotten his Snivey this morning and had debated where to go first. His goal was to be a pokemon master. He leaned his head back, looking up at the tree. The sunlight barely shown through the leaves. It wasn't even quite noon yet. He knew if he was going to leave that he'd better do it soon if he wanted to have somewhere to stay tonight. He stretched, then pulled himself up using the tree. "Come on Snivey. Return," he said, Snivey looking at him just before returning to it's pokeball. He hit the small button, making it smaller before latching it onto his belt. Grabbing his backpack, he headed down the path, not wanting to say any goodbyes.
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