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Eternal Darkness (Etānarudākunesu)

on Thu 23 Jan 2014, 10:00 pm
[Started - Still Accepting]

Yuri ran through the semi abandoned city. Her family had run low on food and water, otherwise she wouldn't be risking going out. Her twin brother was out and about as well in another part of town. They did this once every two months. But soon, they knew they were going to have to leave their home. This city is pretty much run dry on supplies, and it has gotten too dangerious to move further and further away. Stay in the daylight. That's all she could do. But, once she went inside the buildings, she was at a high risk of being caught by those...creatures. There was no avoiding it, but she hated doing it. Especially when they had to leave her little three year old niece at him in the secret bomb shelter under their house. It was only a matter of time before they were discovered by those vampires who had run low on their own food supply. She wondered, where they all blood thirsty killers? Or did some have a concious and soul to have mercy on somebody like her. She had a friend who was staying with them two weeks before. They got her. Showed her no mercy. And Yuri, she had to watch helplessly while her friend was devoured by them.

Yuri came across a building that she knew she hadn't gone into yet. It was boarded up. A safe zone. She dared not enter such a building. They may even be watching her now. She could almost feel their eyes on her. She continued down the road until she got to a gas station. Please, let it be safe and have something to spare. She slowly and cautiously approached the building. The place was lit, but very little. There were plenty of dark spots for them to hide. She scouted out her escape, the places where sun shown, then, opened the door.

A bell went off, making her jump from the sudden silence being disturbed. Great. If there were any here, they definately knew she was as well. She peeked inside the building, propping the door open for an easy escape. Taking a deep breath, she entered. She stayed in the sun spots as she walked through the store. One foot in front of the other. She glanced down each isle. Most of the items were scattered or gone from the place. But there was food. No water from what she could see, but it was a start. She took off her backpack, unzipped it, and stepped into the shadows as she began picking up the few things she could find.

Yuki ran out of the hospital, stumbling out into the sunlight when he turned around and fell. He was out of breath. Glowing yellow eyes stare at him from within the doorway. He let out a sigh of relief. They weren't going to follow him, but it was still a startling though that they may. He stood up, brushing himself off. "That was close." And it was. They had nearly caught him. It was a chance going into such a large building on his own, but they needed medical supplies, and got plenty of food and water in the process. In a way, it was a risk worth taking.

He walked along the roads, steering clear of the shadows as best as possible. He stopped dead in his tracks. A scream? Someone was calling for help from within one of the buildings. But which one? He shook his head. It was probably a trap that a vampire was setting to draw in food. He clenched his fist as he heard another cry for help and turned, following the sounds of her voice.
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