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Re: Forget Me Not (Wasurenagusa)

on Sun 17 Jul 2016, 3:20 pm
Aerith was standing behind a wall, carefully trying to take a peek at what the group was discussing. Soon, her eyes locked with Raven who seemed to take notice of her and then another man, Squall. Aerith panicked and tried to stand back but ended up stepping on a wooden bucket full of horse manure and causing a rucket. She let out a sigh, her foot now stuck inside the bucket, attempting to remove it from its wooden prison. "Ugh! Nothing works my way!" Trying to make a few steps further and escape as she saw the man approaching, Aerith uttered in anger, the sound of the wood hitting the stone pavement echoing through the night.

Laurene was about to open the door when Kotaro gave them permission to enter but the meddling servant was faster. She glared at Amaryllis with fury, like it was some kind of competition about who owuld talk to Kotaro first. "You..." The Duchess uttered as she gritted her teeth, walking inside the Prince's room. "Prince Kotaro." Laurene responded with a bow and then continued, ignoring completely the maid. "I need to talk to you." A heavy sigh escaped her lips, her hand quickly covering her mouth, her glance averted to the maid who was obviously still there. What a bother, when will she leave? Laurene thought as she was glaring Amaryllis, hoping the girl would get a fucking clue. Is everyone in this palace ignoring her? First Eri now even a maid? What a disgrace, she thought, feeling like everyone was acting like that on purpose.

Squal listened to Astrid talking about how her son is useless and the crown was forced on her. He wouldn't judge, he himself had a difficult adulthood, his family now apart and having no idea where his sister is. Then, Squal noticed that Raven's interest was briefly taken away from their conversation with Astrid. He tried to look where his ally was looking, finally spotting a girl behind a wall. "Um..." He uttered, being so dizzy and lost from all the booze that he was not really paying attention to the negotations. "Excuse me for a moment." He added, silently approaching Aerith who was trying to get away. "Wait!" He shouted, his pace getting faster, finally getting a hold of her arm. Aerith stopped, thinking it is no use to run anymore, with a bucket on her foot she wouldn't get far.

"What is it?" She asked, trying to play dumb though it was obvious she had heard most of their conversation. Aerith turned back in embarrassment and glanced back at Squall.

"Who are you?" Squall asked as he knelt down, trying to remove the bucket from Aerith's feet. "I know you heard us. If you keep silent about it nothing will happen." He added, having no success in releasing the woman's foot yet.

When Squall offered to help, Aerith became even more embarrassment. She clenched her first and attempted to kick Squall in the face, using the trapped leg. "You are not going to tell me what to do!"

What a disaster. The bucket flew right at Squall's face, his clothes now ruined by the horse manure. He glanced at himself in disgust and then back to Aerith. "Well at least your leg is now free." He said in relief, not being especially mad since he was kind in nature.
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Re: Forget Me Not (Wasurenagusa)

on Wed 05 Oct 2016, 4:03 pm
Kotaro took a moment to analyze the maid as she entered the room, at first not noticing his future fiance with her. "No need to apologies. I was wide awake anyways," he said to try and ease her nervousness a bit. He motioned to where she needed to put the clothes away before glancing at Laurene. "A pleasure to see you again. Though the hour of your visit is a bit of a surprise," he said as he turned to face her with a small smile. "Must be important if it couldn't wait until morning," he said as he gave the woman a curious look, unsure what she could possibly want to talk to him about. He looked back at Amaryllis when she asked if he needed anything else, but soon shook his head. "No, thank you. Go and get some rest. The duchess and I have some things to discuss apparently," he said, his demeanor changing a little as he realized it probably had something to do with their engagement. He waited for the maid to leave the room and the moment the door shut behind her he looked at Laurene. "Might as well sit down and start talking," he said, offering her a seat near his bedside before sitting on the edge of his bed and waiting for her to tell him why she was there.

Raven was still a bit hesitant. She clearly didn't know who he was. Then again, it was the king who ordered his mother's death as well as his. If it was for that guard with a conscious, he wouldn't be standing here now. He wondered, what would Astrid do if she discovered his true identity? Her husband had a few secrets of his own... a few lovers... and one mistake that's still alive. "A bit cold, but I must agree. Your son is not fit to rule a kingdom. Nothing more than a spoiled brat..." He was a bit surprised by her reaction and could almost sympathize with the woman when she said royalty was forced upon her. "Let me guess... you were the most beautiful woman and he just had to have you as his wife. And when a king wants something, he gets it." He was trying to hit a nerve if it was possible, wanting to see if he could get a few more answers out of her. His mother was the one who told him a little bit of the story since she was in a similar situation once after working at the palace. He gave a nod when she told him about how to get to a safe place. "Very well, your majesty. I am at your service until this war is over with." With that, he bowed to her this time before standing tall again and looking straight into the queen's eyes. "We will meet again soon...," he said and turned to leave to go meet up with his partner. 'Now... where did my idiot run off to this time?' He thought as he started to go looking for Squall.

It didn't take long for him to run into the man and the familiar looking woman. He had missed their conversation, but was curious as to why she had been following them. He looked at Aerith, looking at her expensive clothes for a brief moment. "Someone of a high class walking around alone is a rare case. Mind telling us why you were snooping?" He asked, crossing his arms. He glanced at Squall, wondering just how much he had talked with the woman before looking back at her. "You've got two choices miss... keep your pretty little mouth shut or we could keep it shut for you," he said in a slightly intimidating manner.
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