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Re: Asphyxiated Insanity (Chissoku kyōki) [Att: Neotheone]

on Wed 05 Dec 2012, 5:00 am
while Michael was rubbing Takumi clit. and while he was sill invisible. he pulled away from the kiss. and gently whispred into her ear. and said, "do you like that?" then he paused to wait for her answer. then he gently whispered into her ear again and said, "do you want me to slide my fingers into your pussy and finger you really fast till you cum? while i suck on your boob?" then he waited for her answer while he was still rubbing her clit. and the whole time he was still invisible.

when Katsumi asked Raven if he was waiting long he said, "no, not really i've only been waiting for five minutes. will you follow me please?" and waited for her answer. then he headed toward the abandoned warehouse where he left the cart with the cages of mice. then on the way there he said,"do you remember any emotions you were feeling before you would black out? cause usually some powers would be linked to your emotions. and it sounds like your powers are linked to your emotions." then as he waited for her answer he saw that they where close to the abandoned warehouse. by the time Katsumi answered him he was already holding the door to the warehouse open for her. after they went in side he lead her to a really big room with a cart sitting in the middle of the room with black sheet that looked liked they were covering four square object. two on top and two on the bottom shelf of the cart. then he had her stop a few feet in front of the cart and stood next to her and said, "i'm going to help you find out what triggers your powers. and help you learn how to control it. so you can control how strong or how weak you want it to be. then he had her wait there afew feet in front of the cart. then he walked up to the cart removeing the black sheets from the cages and revealing the mice in the cages. then he walked back toward Katsumi and stood beside her.

as David was just about to run after Ayako to make sure she was ok. he heard clapping and looked to see where it was coming from. and saw that it was Yukio. David look at him with a cofused look on his face then back towards Ayako just in time to see her turn the corner. then started walking towards Yukio with a confused look on his face to see what he was talking about. as Yukio was talking David had a confued look on his face the whole time. then after Yukio dissapeared into the shadows. David looked around to make sure no one was looking then he closed his eyes to concentrate. then he tuned invisible. and while invisible David still had his eyes closed. and started thinking about Ayako so he could Teleport close to her. and he turned invisible so no one would see him Teleport there when he got there. then when he Teleported to where Ayako was while still invisible he looked round to see if he could see her around.

while johnny was getting dressed he said, "whats wrong you didn't like it? i can make you cum some more if you want? how many times do you want me to make you cum this time?" as he started walking towards Izumi with a smile on his face. then he said, "well i can suck on your boobs while i rub your clit till you cum. then as soon as you cum i can slide my fingers into your pussy and finger your pussy till you come again. then i can bend you over and fuck you doggy style in till you cum again. then he kissed her and started rubbing her right boob. then he pulled away from the kiss and said, "so do you want me to do those things to you and make you cum somemore?" as he slowly began to rase her skirt.
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Re: Asphyxiated Insanity (Chissoku kyōki) [Att: Neotheone]

on Fri 14 Jun 2013, 9:55 pm
Takumi's face was completely red as she opened her eyes a little, hearing his question. She managed to whisper a soft "Yes" in response to his question. Her blush only darkened by his second question. "I...uh..." She couldn't gather her thoughts. She wanted to say yes, but her embarassment was getting the better of her. She closed her eyes again and managed to give a slight nod, unable to get any words out of her mouth.

Katsumi seemed a bit confused, but didn't question Raven as she nodded and began following him. She placed her hands on her chest and looked down slightly. "Fear...," was all she said when he asked her what emotions she would feel before blacking out. That was the only emotion that came to mind. She didn't look up as she walked through the doorway, seeming to be lost in deep thought. When he had her stop, she lifted her head to see what he was up to. "B-but--" Before she could object to his proposal, he had already walked over and uncovered the cages. She stood there confused, then looked up at him when he stopped next to her.

Ayako slowed down, soon coming to a stop to catch her breath just outside her dorm room. She leaned up against the wall, holding her chest and almost seemed in pain. She then heard a voice that she didn't want to hear right now.
"You're gonna put yourself in the hospital again if you aren't careful."
She didn't bother to look. She already knew who it was. "Wh-what're you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be out of town?"
The man shrugged and pushed himself off the wall, walking towards her. "Parents said it would be a good idea to come visit since you never return my messages." He smirked as he stopped in front of her.
Ayako rolled her eyes and pushed past him, walking to her door. "Both our parents need to quit butting into our personal lives." She sighed as she unlocked the door. "I get the feeling you're just here to check up on me like usual." She moved out of the way for him to enter the room.
The manm chuckled. "What makes you say that?" He asked as he walked into her room.

Izumi avoided looking at Johnny as he asked his questions. Her face seemed to be getting redder and redder by the second with each word. She looked up at him after he pulled away from the kiss, trying to ignore the pleasure from him massaging her breast. She looked away again and shook her head. "I doubt I could last that long after all that. I'd rather not pass out," she stated as she grabbed her skirt and tried to keep him from lifting it up.
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