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Member's RP Rules

on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 8:07 am
Updated 8-8-2012 1:40AM

Okay so basically I get really sick and tired of people not understanding that when someone makes a role play and others aren't following these rules, they get mad or upset when you no longer wish to role play with them. I'm sure most of you will agree. In this topic, post the rules you have for the role plays you make that are open to the public, such as warnings that may get people kicked out or ignored in a role play for not cooperating or people who try to god mode in a role play. Some people may put up with it more than others, but most won't except it and this gives people a chance to tell everyone their limits, peeves and rules.

My rules and warnings:

1. I have a real pet peeve with people who constantly do one - two line posts. If it's not my role play, then I'll just eventually stop replying until it gets better. You can't really judge me on that.

2. I know people have lives and sometimes you want to reply to a role play more than others. I understand that. Sometimes you just don't have the motivation or inspiration to reply to certain role plays. Just let me know is all. No one is forcing you to reply and you are only required to reply a minumum of three times a week, as said in the rules.

3. Do NOT try to god mode in my role plays. I will kill your character off so fast, it's not even funny. Let me explain something. When someone creates a role play, they are the GM. What they say, goes. If the GM has a problem with you, then just fix it.

4. If you have a problem with someone in my role play or with me, then just tell me please. I'll deal with it or listen to the problems you may have. That's the other job of a GM.

5. I don't mind a short post on occasion. However, if you post short replies everytime and never give people anything to work with, no one is going to want to reply. You should always try to post a paragraph per character you have in my opinion wether it's long or short, it should be more than two lines. But say you've posted like ten good posts and you put one crappy post because you didn't know how to respond every one in a while. that's perfectly fine. It happens.

6. Make sure you take turns. That really pisses me off and I know it pisses the admin off the most so just a bit of advice...NEVER skip anyone's turn. Also, if you are kicked from an RP, do not rejoin. It just causes more trouble for you.

You will get one warning and that post will be ignored. Always pay attention to what others say or do and don't ignore their characters completely.

If you are constantly causing problems in my role plays, I will kick you out or ask everyone to ignore you completely because personally, I don't want to deal with people who won't listen.

I understand that if you miss something every once in a while that it happens. But I'm talking about those people who do these things in almost every post. I will not sit an argue with someone for an hour and never get my point across. I know some of you are amatures and I can definatly tell by the way you post. It's when you don't get better or even try to get better that it bothers me. If you don't like my rules, don't join my role plays. Plain and simple.

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Re: Member's RP Rules

on Tue 07 Aug 2012, 1:36 pm
Thanks Serah for writing this. I have been saying these and more all the time but I guess some people never change.

It's not bad if you don't know what to post. If that's the case, then have some imagination. For example put the music loud so that they could hear you, or waddle around the room. No one stops you to do that. Just, if you have nothing to do with other characters, this doesn't mean that you can't do anything alone.

And I'm not talking about writing a paragraph full of nonsense or useless things. Just make it look like you actually leave openings for the others to reply, if they want to.

Now another thing is, that some try to be a GOD-MOD and Para-RPers. In a roleplay it doesn't matter who is weak and who is strong. The "Art" of the roleplay is to express yourself through your character. If no one can beat you, or if you injure everyone and anyone, then how will it be fun? Creating characters like the "God" is a NO NO NO. Unless it's a God that you created in your Fantasy Roleplay, and etc.

Or when you know OOC {Out Of Character} information and you use it IC {In Character}. With what rights are you allowed to do so? Unless your character has such rank and job. Like for example a soldier, a politician, a spy.

Other than that, I totally agree with Serah.
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