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A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Empty A World Above (Jōki no sekai)

on Sat 28 Jul 2012, 5:08 pm
A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Castle-in-the-sky-anime-altar31
A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Volkner_city_anime02
"And pushed and pushed she and her subs did till the vampire was no longer to see and peace fell to the land as the destined ones began to rise"

So was the legend of the disappearance of the vampire race described in the original holy book, though the humans began interpreting it once again and reshaped it in the name of the male gender. The angels and guardians began falling one by one as their words and purpose had vanished and the vampire kingdom would rise once again.

Left was a holy city unprotected by the holy forces. This was the punishment from god and the fallen protectors till the humans would once again listen to the words of wisdom in the original holy book.

The vampires had been killed one by one till there were only a few hundred left and they were eventually pushed into the castle and banished to the skies above the city now called Magistrate. Occasionally a vampire fell from the skies and died from the fall if not by the sun, though some few were immune to the sun.

The role play itself is pretty much happening the two separate places but a few tough vampires may enter the city either by flying at night(If they can fly) or survive the fall at night(If they're indestructable by physical harm)

The time is present time within the city but medieval in the castle.

The vampire race is divided in two. There are the superior vampires and the inferior, though the overall difference is not big.
Vampiras are the superior race, a little stronger than the vampires which are the inferiors.

Every vampire may have up to 4 abilities and these exclude one another(May not be possessed at the same time):

Indestructability by physical harm excludes Indestructability by holy harm(Sun, divine etc)
Fast reflexes exclude abnormal strength(Abnormal even for vampires)
Regeneration excludes Mind reading and any other reading of another being

More excluding powers may be added once I see what you guys come up with.

The bishop is head of a small brotherhood with warrior monks. They master martial arts and claws and can have 2 abilities as well. They're deadlier than normal citizens but they still take 2-5 to take down a lower power level. The amount of monks needed can exceed a total of 50.

Humans may possess 2 abilities and may become newly born angels(At death the humans walk on a path leading to the altar of judgement. In the altar of judgement lies divine water which thee must drink. The divine water is created by god and god decides the new appearance and powers for the new angel without many limits. If the human commits suicide by selfish reasons they will be banished as a vampire and be forced to live in the skies and the rules of excluding powers will apply immediately, unless god decides to test them and they may become angels anyway)

The sheet:

Background(Just quick):
Basic personality:

Power level(Description below*, A, B, C, D):


All character alterations decided by god will not be conclusive and one may to a certain point complain about the alteration or give a list of preferable alterations within the post at which they drink the water.

*Power level classes

D is 0-20(Humans are bound to be D)
C is 21-50
B is 51-100(Angels are bound to be B, B is max for the inferior vampire class)
A is 101-200(Only Vampiras can be A)

Name: God, Altar of Judgement
A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSO5sxEwtQg9iSnmZWQgzVUP9ZRiY3vB5OPrLmoox61S-10h3vRyHr6bGqm
ETC: Has no further power than described and relies on angels and humans to keep the vampires away till the truth has been heard.

These are the NPCs(Request or receive permission to create them):
NPC Humans may not be too strong and shall solve problems with teamwork and talking

Mayor of the city(Not created yet):
Bishop(Not created yet):

Police Captain(Kris):
Name: Mike
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Background(Just quick): Has followed in his father's footsteps and joined the police asap. Had been promoted to police captain just recently.
Basic personality: Stubborn, Looks for alternative explanations and brave.
Abilities: His gut and shooting skills.
A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Police_122574_750x1179theAnimeGallerycom-1

Vampire prince and/or king(Not created yet):
Vampire counsel(Not created yet):
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A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Empty Re: A World Above (Jōki no sekai)

on Sat 28 Jul 2012, 5:20 pm
Name: Kayla [color:bcdc=FFFF99]*Death Star*
Age: Uknown
Gender: Female
Race: True blood vampira
Background(Just quick): Was born a vampire at the castle and has forgotten time. She has killed a few who crossed her way just one time too much. Occasionally travels to the human city when it's full moon(At night of course)
Basic personality: Tempting, horny, seducing and evil, yet she still can be loving and passionate to some. She acts sweet and innocent and is great at it.
Abilities: Indestructable by physical harm, Able to fly, regeneration and abnormal strength.

Power class A

A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Normal_remilia_wallpaper_2

Name: Kristina
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Background(Just quick): Goes to church every day but find it boring. She's forced by the parents to wear a cross necklace every day and often help her big brother in the church.
Basic personality: Innocent and pouts a lot if she wants something. Selfish at times but has a generous heart.
Abilities: Weak telekinesis
A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Anime+girl+with+blue+hair

Name: Kale
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Background(Just quick): Grown up in a very religious family with his sister and goes to church every day. He has become a priest but is not allowed to preach yet.
Basic personality: Kind and understanding, generous and talkative.
Abilities: Able to make people feel better and weak exorcism.
A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRIufd2xQDtnhi5VuYDFbUr6hWE2UOUMHODh3YAfkFPWnzNna69B_suJsW4IQ

Name: Ramon
Age: 132
Gender: Male
Race: Vampire
Background(Just quick): He was once a human in the city below, but he was turned and retrieved by the vampires. He has lived for a little over a century now and hates it. He regularly travels to the city below to help injured humans.
Basic personality: Pure, Kind and Helpful

Fast Reflexes, Able to read others, Healing abilities and Able To Fly

Power level: D

A World Above (Jōki no sekai) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQd0NNI5u0OYAqirp5toAqctQmE31011sso6LTdKhmbN2-sXyWEG7WuYshOow
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