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Love Story Empty Love Story

on Tue 28 Feb 2017, 6:28 am
Ryota opened up the door to his room and flipped on the light, looking around carefully. He wasn't fond of humans and knowing he was going to be living with one had to be the worst thing in the world for him. He slowly closed the door, cautiously entering the room. It didn't seem like the guy had arrived yet. This school was supposed to be some sort of cooperative space, but he knew better. Humans were all the same. He wasn't going to fall for any of this guy's tricks. Being a stray, most people treated him like a dirty and filthy cat who steals food and sleeps in the garbage. Not that it was all a lie... he tried to keep him self clean as best as he could, though he wasn't a fan of baths and his clothes did kind of smell, and he tried to find rooftops or somewhere out of the rain to sleep rather than the garbage. As far as stealing food went, what choice did he have? No one wanted him. No one would hire him. He had to eat, even if it was often just leftovers left behind by others. It was either that or he had to hunt birds and rodents. He wasn't even sure the last time he had a meal that was fresh or filling. Getting that here wouldn't be easy. They had a kitchen and were responsible for buying and cooking their own food. Hell, he didn't even know how to cook! Ryota pouted as he put his hand on his stomach, his ears laying back as he listened to the growl it made. He shook it off and went over to one of the beds, setting his stuff down on top. He gently placed his hand on the bed and smiled a little. "It's soft..." His ear twitched towards the door as he heard it starting to open and his first reaction was to hide under the bed, scooting all the way back to the wall in the corner before curling up into a ball. His ears were back and his tail was wagging back and forth. He pulled his knees to his chest, not wanting to have any contact at all with this person even though it was obvious he had been in the room. He hated humans. And now he had to live with some guy. This was going to be a long and painful few years of his life.

Makoto walked into the room with a stack of books, sloppily walking over to the available bed and let them fall onto the bed before spreading them out. "Whew... that was tedious," she said as she wiped the sweat from her forehead. All of the books were love stories in some way, whether they were dark, romantic or even comedic novels. She ran her hands through her hair, letting out a sigh of relief. "I'll get to all of you later," she said with a huge smile as she grabbed her phone and went into the bathroom. She stripped off her clothes and turned the shower on. Makoto turned on some music as loud as it could go and set it down on the counter before getting into the shower. She was a bit of a wild card, always doing her own thing and breaking the rules. She, like most of the animals that were here, were picked up by some rich sponsor or someone who owned them and gave them the "privilege" to come to this school and like most of them, she didn't want to be there. But if they refused, they risked being put down or locked up for disobeying orders and that was the last thing she wanted to deal with. So she chose the latter. To spend a few years at this school so she could move on with her life as soon as possible. Though she was curious what her roommate was like. All she knew is they always paired up humans and animals in each room. Hopefully this person wouldn't try to tame her like others have tried before. After getting her long red hair washed, she got out of the shower and sort of dried her hair before wrapping the towel around herself and walking out of the bathroom.

Takeo had just been dropped off by his owners and he happily wagged his tail as he waved goodbye to them. They may have been his owners, but he loved them to death. He tugged on his collar, the only sign that someone had already owned him and with a big smile he turned and headed into the school grounds. This was his second year and he was finally going to have a roommate. Last year he was one of the lucky students, or at least that's what people said to him, that didn't have a roommate because there was an uneven number of students. If you asked him, he was excited. He was like a big puppy who just wanted a friend to play with and he absolutely adored humans, never having to experience their cruelness in his lifetime. His family was fairly wealthy and treated him well, growing up in a life of comfort and luxury. He hoped his roommate had already arrived. Was she nice? Was it a guy? Either way, he didn't care. He wanted to meet them so badly that he almost ran to his room with his keys tightly gripped in his palm. He stopped in front of the door to his room. With a deep breath, he adjusted his glasses before opening the door eagerly. "Hello!" He said happily, a smile plastered across his face as he came into the room and looked over at his roommate. "I'm Takeo! What's your name?" He asked as he wagged his tail, clearly overly happy to meet them.

Aki took his time walking the school grounds. He loved the sense of nature and beauty the place had. He was the type of person that saw the beauty in everything and everyone and was always very optimistic even in the worst of situations. He went to the back of the school where no one ever went. Technically he wasn't supposed to be back there, but he often wandered over in these past few weeks. He walked over to a set of bushes and knelt down, pulling some cat food out of his pocket. "How're you guys doing today?" He asked as four little white kitten heads popped out of the bush and happily began eating the food. He pet each one of them on the head and listened to their cute little purrs as they finished eating. One was rubbing up against him while another tried to climb his leg and he laughed. "You're all so cute. I wish I could take you inside..." He reached into the bush and pulled out two large bowls before reaching into his bag and refilling one with fresh water and the other with plenty of food. "I have a little present for you all," he said, then kittens meowing happily and playing around him. They almost acted like he was their mother. He pulled out a very warm and fluffy blanket out and carefully lined it under the bush before fixing an umbrella that was hidden to keep them from getting wet in the rain. Each of them waddled onto the blanket and started happily playing and purring louder. "Alright cuties. I'll be back tomorrow," he said, giving them all one last pet before standing up and heading back towards the front of the school to go inside.

Rika was spending some time in the gym. There were a few kids there playing basket ball and a few animals hanging out on the bleachers chatting. She on the other hand was off in the corner with a soccer ball practicing a few tricks. She was kind of a loner when it came to people, but if they were into sports, especially soccer, she was more than willing to talk with them for hours. She caught the ball in her hands and looked at it for a moment. "Could use some air," she commented before letting out a sigh and tossing it into the basket. She decided to go back to her room for now. Maybe her roommate was there. She wondered what kind of animal they were and if she would get along with them at all. She wasn't necessarily judgmental or treated them badly, but if they had nothing in common then she didn't plan to really get to know them. That's how everyone was, right? She arrived at her door and rummaged through her pockets for her keys before finally opening up the door. She took her hat off and wiped some of the sweat from her brow, closing the door behind her and locking it again. "Anyone home?" She asked as she went further into the room and straight to the fridge to grab a fruit water. She opened it up and took a drink as she turned around and glanced at her roommate. "Hey. I'm Rika. Who're you?" She asked as she walked over to her bed and sat down, kicking her feet back and forth as she waited for an answer.
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