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October 2016 Empty October 2016

on Sat 01 Oct 2016, 10:42 pm
October 1, 2016

Mainly just a clean up of our role play categories, but I am open to suggestions for what more we could do around here.

Moved to RP Graveyard

Wake of the Dead (Att: Snowstein)
[Aoba and Bubbles only]
An Immortal World: Final Fate [Att: Tails the Fox]
Opposites Attract [Att: Nazo & Aoba]
High School Horror
An Immortal World
Eternal Darkness
Confessions of a Broken Heart
The Zodiac Curse

Moved to CS Graveyard

Eternal Darkness
A Thief in the Dark
Fairy Tail
Cresent Island
High School Horror
True Cross Academy
The Zodiac Curse
Saiyuki: Locked and Loaded
Undertale (+18)
An Immortal World
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