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Kuroi's character Sheet Empty Kuroi's character Sheet

on Sat 11 Apr 2015, 5:36 pm
Character name: Kuroi Ramiel

Character's nickname: Kuro

Sex/gender/race: Human, Male

Age: 19

Right or left hand: right hand

Any piercings or tattoos, scars: N/a

Picture Reference:
Kuroi's character Sheet 10629610

Parents: Dead

Siblings: None

Children: None

Other relatives: Dead

Enemies: Himself

Religion: Atheist

Ethnicity: Japanese

Accent: Japanese

Pets: a Snake

Highest education: High-school

Degrees: N/a

Occupation: Manga/Cafe employee

Employment history: N/a

Salary: $12.00

Status and Money: decent

Own or rent: rent

Describe living place: one bedroom and a living room connected to a Kitchen.some Manga are sprawled out on a table and the other majority are displayed on a shelf next to a computer.

Describe work place: Lively, fun and energetic

Main mode of transportation: Walking, or train

Fears: Thunder.

Food preferences: Sweets

Sleeping habits: n/a

Music: Punk rock, Metal, J-hip hop, Dubstep, techno, Pop, Hiphop, Game Ost's

Ambitions: Go on with his life

Addictions: Sweets

Obsessions: Can't stand the darkness

Hobbies: Reading, Yu-gi-oh, Card-fight vanguard, Parkour,

Leader or follower: Follower

Book preferences: Dojinshi,

Group or alone: alone

Date of birth: July 2nd

Allergies: /N/a

Handwriting: Clean.


Tricks: Flipping,

Talents: Drawing,

Passwords: None

Special Memories: N/a

Special places: his room.

Kuroi grew up a Orphan. after becoming 16 he left the orphanage and pursued his ideals. he now lives in an apartment. after finising school he now works full time at a Cafe/Manga shop. he sleeps in on his days off and plays card-games on his down time.
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