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Fairy Tail (Fearīteiru) Empty Fairy Tail (Fearīteiru)

on Sat 01 Nov 2014, 11:04 pm
So, it's pretty self explanatory. You can also be some of the characters (Doesn't matter if they're dead, it's a fanfiction), but limit yourself to two to three per person so everyone has a chance to be the character's. Make you own as well if you'd like. I'm only going to list some of the characters, but feel free to name any that aren't on the list. This is a mature roleplay so remember that when you join.

Natsu Dragneel -
Lucy Heartfilia -
Happy -
Gray Fullbuster -
Erza Scarlet -
Wendy Marvell -
Carla -
Gajeel Redfox -
Panther Lily -
Cana Alberona -
Elfman Strauss -
Gildarts Clive -
Juvia Lockser -
Laxus Dreyar -
Levy McGarden -
Lisanna Strauss -
Loke -

What type of wizard:
Guild (If in one or used to be, please specify):
Background (optional):
Likes and Dislikes:
Rival (If anyone, limit to one):
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