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Lone Spirit Empty Lone Spirit

on Mon 22 Sep 2014, 10:10 pm
Can play more than one character. Would prefer you to play human characters but you can be a spirit if you want. Anyone can join. Limited to 5 people that can join.

Kanen, 19
Lone Spirit It__s_cold_by_M_ocha

Kanen jumped up onto the rooftop, surveying the area. He was a spirit, so normal humans didn't see him. His job was simple. Kill the spirits who had lost their sanity. They didn't look human like he did. In his world, it was kill or be killed. The rouges would attack him on sight and he had to defend himself, even if they were like him once...

He averted his eyes towards the street. It seemed quiet today. He watched a few students walking through the street. Three girls giggling and talking about their day. He sighed. Once he was alive like they were. But, he couldn't remember what his life was like. Who he was. All he knew was his name. He could touch people, but he wasn't supposed to interfere with the living. He had heard the rumors, but he had never met anyone that could see him or physically touch him. It was apparently a rare find. Not like it mattered. The last thing he wanted was to grow attached to someone.

Kanen blinked and looked towards the street. He could smell the dark aura. The spirits had the ability to possess and corrupt feelings of humans nearby. That's why he stopped them. So people could go on living and not be stuck in the divide like him. He jumped down, seeing the creature that came up from under the road. Drawing his blade, a light glowed from his fingers. The one thing he hated about killing these creatures, is that he saw the memories of their lives. He placed his index and middle finger on the blade and slid it across, making the blade give off a blue light. This wasn't going to be an easy challenge.
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