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on Sat 20 Sep 2014, 12:59 am
I decided to make this topic to help others understand my characters and yours as well. Basically, you post a picture of your character, a link to the roleplay (when started) and character sheet, their name, and you pick a song that best represents that character to the fullest. I'm going to take my time with this and I have A LOT of characters. Plus, I wanted to do this to get people interested in joining or reading said roleplays in case they want to know more about the character. I think I'm going to get back into making all the character pictures again like I had done before. I am willing to do collabs or draw your characters, which I will post in the art section and it will only be by request of course. Anyways, Let's get started!

P.S. Include a small description of why the song fits that characters. It doesn't have to be long or fancy. At some point when I make enough pictures, I'll make amv's about my characters with their themes Smile

Forget Me Not (Wasurenagusa) Character Sheet
Forget Me Not (Wasurenagusa) Roleplay
This song I chose specifically for Raven because he doesn't want to lose the one person he's grown to care about. He knows what he is doing and in the end he may not make it out alive. He isn't sure if he wants to risk that person's life as the roleplay goes on. He sometimes wonders if he'll ever have the chance to admit his feelings to that person or even save them in the end. In a way, he is the devil's son. His past will be explained within the story and you'll see more why this song fits him.
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