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A Killing Game (Kiringu· gēmu)

on Mon 10 Feb 2014, 9:08 pm
Marcus wandered through the city streets with his faithful companion. It was late evening, the sunset giving the city a red glare. He wasn't sure if anyone in the city was even alive besides them. He hadn't seen anyone for months. Well, he had seen people. But not living. This world was inhabited with the undead. The Raccoon City epidemic that was supposedly dealt with had spread to his home six months ago. He lost his fiance within the first week, unable to protect her. He still held onto her ring everywhere he went. Laura was the love of his life. And his final memory of her, was him shooting a bullet into her head. He had failed to protect her. Nothing could change how he felt.

Shadow ran alongside Marcus, keeping his senses up in case anything approached. During the day there weren't many walkers. As soon as night fully fell though, the streets would be swarming with them. They were on their way to the safe house Marcus had turned the police station into. It was the one place he could think to be the safest besides the jail outside of town as far as holding up. Marcus didn't want to take it on alone. He knew that if the prisoners still reside there, he would have a hard time taking it over. For now, he was fine. He had his companion. But, he was beginning to feel lonely. Almost five months with no interactions with living people was starting to get to him. He let out a sigh as he opened the door, letting Shadow walk into the station before he followed suit. He flipped on the light switch, the building having a backup generator was useful. He threw off his backpack onto the front desk. "Come on boy. Let's get the place ready for the night," he said as he motioned for Shadow to follow him. Shadow didn't. He could smell something new inside the building. Someone new. Who was here? He let out a soft whine as he tried to find where the scent led. It wasn't fresh. Like they had been here most of the day. Marcus stopped and looked at his pet. "What is it?" When Shadow let out another whine, he drew his gun. "Lets go."

Conner sat on the roof of his apartment building. The only way in or out was the stairwell which was blocked off for the moment. The last 10 floors he was able to roam freely, taking what supplies he needed from abandoned apartments. He looked out at the sunset. It was beginning to get cold out. It was winter and the snow would fall soon. Each night got colder and colder. The apartments had no power, so he would have to figure something out. He debated to move on. The place was pretty much wiped clean of supplies. He had maybe another two weeks. But, where would he go? He let out a sigh as he stood. He would figure things out in the morning. For now, he decided to head down to his apartment, have some dinner and go to bed as soon as night fell. He turned, heading into the doorway that led downstairs to his apartment. What was he going to do when he had nothing left?

Reaching his apartment, Conner unlocked the door and walked in. He sighed again, walking over to the couch and sitting down. The place was getting dark as the day neared its end. He leaned his head back, looking up at the ceiling. Apart of him debated to just give up. The other told him to keep fighting. He was torn between the two. He had lost everything, just like his brother. He lost his family. He hadn't been in contact with Marcus for a long time. Nor did he care if his brother was alive. His true personality was that he could be cold hearted, but he does have a soft side when in love.

Kanon ran down the street, turning and shooting a zombie as it chased him. Maya wasn't far ahead. She jumped up, attempting to go over a wall. Kanon was right behind, pushing her up before easily hopping it himself. He was greeted by a walker on the other side, being pushed back. "Saiyu!" His pet seemed to appear from nowhere, wrapping itself around the walker and breaking it's neck. "Good girl." He helped Maya down as Saiyu wrapped herself around him with a much gentler touch. They continued running, soon reaching his ride. "Let's get out of here," he said as he hopped on, starting up his motorcycle. Maya jumped on the back, holding her hat with one hand as they sped off. "Where are we gonna stay tonight?" She asked over the roar of the engine. "Wherever we go we better figure it out soon or we're fucked." He glanced back at her and smiled. The sewers is where they went when all else failed. It was better than being out with low ammo trying to survive the night. Even there they had to be careful. Walkers would find their way into the sewers at times. Sleeping never worked well when they were down there, hearing the moans up on the streets. "Hold on." He took a sharp turn into a parking garage, heading up to the roof.

When the college students got there, he slowed down and parked him bike. "Let's get an overview of the city. We'll try to camp here for the night." Maya nodded in agreement as she hopped off the bike. Saiyu slithered off him and coiled up in the shadows, keeping a close eye on the exit. He put up the kickstand and hopped off, grabbing his bag off the side. He pulled out two candy bars and tossed one to Maya. "Thanks! I'm starving." Maya closed her eyes with a big smile before opening it and taking a bite. Kanon yawned. He had hardly slept in two days. He walked over to the edge of the building and looked down. The streets were slowly starting to fill up. Why they came out more at night? He wasn't sure. These things could be a pain in the ass to kill when in a horde. He looked over at Maya. "Get some rest. I'll stay up for a while and keep watch, make sure none of them followed us." Maya looked up at him as she sat down, leaning against a abandoned car. She was a bit worried about him. "Are you sure? I can stay up tonight." Kanon shook his head. "Nah, I'll be fine," he reassured with a smile. Maya hesitated, then nodded as she ate the last bite. She stood up and walked over to the bike, grabbing a blanket out of the bag and heading over to the cars. She checked to see if they were unlocked and finally found one. Hopping in the backseat, she laid down and covered herself with the blanket, beginning to doze already. Kanon watched as she did so, then looked back out at the city. They needed to find water and food soon.
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