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on Sat 25 Jan 2014, 8:31 am
[Started - Still Accepting]

Kazu walked onto the flight deck. They were leaving in just a few days from the station. He sipped his coffee as he sat down in his chair. He had to make sure everything was in order. They had yet to hire him a co-pilot, and time was running out. They couldn't leave without a full crew, and at the moment, they only had four of the twelve members. The caption has been dening applications left and right. He was surprised he was accepted. They only wanted the best of the best for this mission. Their job was to find a new world. Earth was dead. Had been since before he was born. The station didn't have many years to last. Another thirty was estimated before they ran out of oxigen. What could they do but try to survive? This was a ten year mission. He let out a sigh, flipping on the computer and leaning back against his chair. He glanced over to the empty chair next to him. It was starting to get lonely.

Ikuto was in the medbay, making sure they would have all the necessary supplies for the trip. Another part of their mission was to salvage what they can and check each planet they came across. He walked through the room, which was larger than necessary in his opinion, and checked off the supplies as he came across them. He was going to have to order a few things, but for the most part, there wasn't much left for him to do here. As he worked, he began thinking about what they would find out there. He turned his head and looked out the window with wonder. What kind of worlds would they find? If there was somewhere that could be a potential planet for the human race, what other creatures would they run into that already live there?

Shizune in the meantime was in the navigational room. She was in charge of plotting their course and making sure they stayed on it. There was one problem however. Many of the places they were about to go had yet to be charted. After a certain point, they would be flying blindly into the vast area of space. Once that happens, she'll be in charge of plotting the areas to make sure they wouldn't get lost. How horrible would that be? Being lost in space. She remembered there was a movie called that and giggled to herself. She input a few things into her computer before shutting it off. She would continue this later. She had pulled an all nighter, and she still needed to go up to the flight deck and check that computer to make sure it was recieving coordinates from the lower deck. She covered her mouth as she yawned, then stretched. A few hours of sleep before then shouldn't hurt.

Raiden sat in his room on his bed. He was reading a few applications over. There were supposed to be a few interviews today. He was going to be busy dealing with that most of the day. He wasn't even sure if it was just going to be another waste of his time. Yesterday, he had changed all their times to come in to the same. They were all going to show up in his office in a few minutes. He stood up, grabbing his jacket and headed out the door. Once arriving in his office outside of the main ship, he walked over to his desk and sat down, waiting for the eight interviews to arrive.
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