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The Zodiac Curse (Zodiakku no noroi) Empty The Zodiac Curse (Zodiakku no noroi)

on Sat 25 Jan 2014, 12:24 am
[Started - Still Accepting]

Sakura walked through the city streets in the early morning hours. It was a new day at a new school. She was a bit nervous going to a co-ed school for the first time, especially already taking one year. Being one of the younger one's of the Zodiac, she wasn't sure how things would go. By order of the head of the family, all of them were assigned to attend the same school. Why? She wasn't sure. None of them were. For the most part, the members had kept to themselves. The curse was once broken hundreds of years ago, but after the death of the Honda's someone replaced the curse onto their family. The cat was once again and outsider. She didn't have to worry about it however. She was the tiger. All she had to worry about was to not to over exert herself or let someone of the opposite sex hug her. They knew how to break the curse, but the head of the family doesn't allow the cat out in public now. Except today. She approached the high school, looking around in awe at everyone there. There were the typical cliques. Cheerleaders, fan clubs, jocks, band geeks, goths. She didn't really fit into to all that. She took a deep breath, then walked through the doorway to begin her journey.

Anastasia was starting her first year today. She got out of bed and headed off to the bathroom to get ready. Slipping on her school uniform, she smiled at herself in the mirror. She was no longer a middle school student. And she almost couldn't hold in her excitement. She ran into her room, grabbed her backpack and headed off down the stairs. "Bye mom! Don't wanna be late!" She called towards the kitchen and smiled as her mother peeked out to wish her luck. She slipped on her shoes and headed out the front door, nearly running towards the school like she was late already.

Zidane walked down the hallways, looking down at a book. He could hear some of the freshman girls giggling. He was used to it. He had attended the school for two years already. Not to mention, something about the Sohma's always seemed to attract others. Men or women. He wasn't sure why. Maybe it was part of the curse. He wasn't sure. All he knew is it kept him on his toes when it came to the other girls of the school. And to make things worse, he had to deal with the cat. They never got along. It was natural that a cat and rat didn't like each other and would never get along. Now he was going to have to deal with it for a whole year before he graduated.

Kazuha sighed, kicking a rock as he walked through the forest type area owned by his family. It was private property and the one place he could go without having to deal with anyone. He didn't want to go to school. He was anti-social. He debated if he should ditch and not bother going. Then again, it was better than being locked in that room again. He sighed again. kicking another rock as he slid his hands into his pockets. He stopped next to the stream, staring at the crystal clear water at his reflection. What was he going to do if someone wanted to talk to him? Or even wanted to be his friend? He never had a friend before. It would definitely be a new experience for him that he wouldn't know how to handle. He stayed there for a moment, then turned and headed back towards the main path on his way to school.
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